Our mission

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Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme (AEDH) is an ONG that has been fighting to defend and promote Human Rights and basic freedoms worldwide since 1989.


A practical approach

AEDH’s priority is to support concrete activity for the defence and promotion of Human Rights in countries of the South and the East. We support projects that are planned and carried out by local NGOs. We believe that it is the local front line NGO’s that knows best how to fight for their fundamental rights.

The real defence of Human Rights is a matter of deeds rather than words. And to do this we have to find the funds and the means to support those who protect the victims, defend democratic freedoms and promote respect for the rule of law.

Since its creation AEDH has supported 300 NGOs in forty countries.

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AEDH sets up partnerships with local NGOs.

We assist these NGOs by providing financial and technical support for their projects and their structures.

We follow up and assess the projects continuously.

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Our commitment is toward our partnering organisation as well as to their staff thus insuring their protection.

Since 1999, AEDH manages an Emergency fund for Human Rights defenders in danger.

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We seek to influence public opinion through lobbying and advocacy. AEDH belongs to a number of networks concerned with the defence of Human Rights, and may join forces with other international NGOs for that purpose.

AEDH has the status of observer at the African Commission ON People’s and Human Rights since 1993 and has consultative status at the UN since 1998.

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