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CLDH - Libanese Center for Human Rights

cldhLocation : Beyrouth

Creation : 2006

Local issues : Lebanon is facing an extremely difficult sociopolitical and economic situation. Hindered by external factors, including the Syrian conflict, the country faces a long political crisis. With a population of 4 million, the country must face a challenge with more than one million Syrian refugees, constituting one quarter of its total population. Other than a unstable conditions, the country is faced with recurrent problems. The issue of torture remains particularly significant. While Lebanon has ratified the Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment as well as its optional Protocol, the UN Committee against Torture has found, following a visit in October 2014, that it remained a ‘largely widespread practice’.

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In Lebanon, the situation in prisons is a matter of concern. In 2016, the Lebanese authorities indicated before the UN Committee against Torture that their rate of prison overcrowding was 300%.

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Proud Lebanon

ProudLebanon logoLocation : Beyrouth

Creation : 2013

Local issues : The Lebanese legislation is particularly ambiguous on homosexuality. Article 534 of the Penal Code with a one-year imprisonment any relations ‘contradicting the laws of nature’ is often used to hinder any claims on sexual and physical rights. Marginalised, LGBTI people are often prosecuted or victims of arbitrary detentions. Outside Beyrouth, they are subjected to greater discrimination, where the lack of suitable measures increases the vulnerability and the risks. This observation is particularly relevant for LGBTI refugees who face arbitrariness from Lebanese authorities (Lebanon hosts more than one million two hundred thousand Syrian refugees).

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WOFPP - Women Organisation for Political Prisoners

WofppLocation : Tel-Aviv

Creation : 1988

Local issues : the detention conditions of Palestinian women incarcerated in Israeli prisons violate the basic international standard of treatment of prisoners. The detainees, close to a hundred, are victims of mistreatment during interrogations, lack of medical care, prolongation of the incarceration period beyond the termination of the penalty, refusal for mothers to keep their children with them and refusal of their right to education in prison.

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