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sembrarLocation : Bogota

Creation : 1990

Local issues : The rural population is the first victim of political violence and violations of economic, cultural and social rights in Colombia. Certain actions by the multinationals established in the country seriously jeopardise the rights and the security of rural communities.

SembrarMissions : Sembrar carries out support and accompaniment activities with the core social organisations in several rural regions of Colombia. it concerns educational projects, promotion and defense of human rights for the people displaced due to violence or threatened by the economic and politic local authorities.

Important : Sembrar’s actions are mostly in the south of the Cesar state, in the south of Bolivar and in the north of Cauca.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 1996.

AEDH support : After supporting several projects run by Sembrar, AEDH has been supporting since 2011 the project entitled ‘Comprehensive legal assistance for rural and miner communities in the South of the Bolivar and in the south of the Cesar’. The Bolivar and the Cesar are two states located in the Caribbean region, in the north of Colombia.

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