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Fundepaz - Foundation on Development and Peace

fundepazLocation : Pasto

Creation : 1999

Local issues : The internet conflict that has ravaged Colombia for more than fifty years has left countless victims, disappeared or displaced. In the Narino state, located in the southwest of Colombia near the Equatorial border, drug dealers, guerilla and different right-wing paramilitary groups engage in a merciless war for the control of the territory, especially the areas where coke is produced. The civil population is the first victim of violence and can barely make their rights acknowledged by the local autrhoritie.

FundepazMissions : Fundepaz is a small organisation that takes action in the Narino state and that defines itself as an association for the promotion of ‘human sustainable development’ in the sense of economic and social development and of the full exercise of their rights. It works mainly with social organisations and groups of young people and indigenous communities of the region.

Important : Fundepaz is especially engaged in the defense of the right of Awas Indians, indigenous population of the region victims of grave violations and in the defense of family rights of the victims of forced disappearances.

More information can be accessed through :

Partnership with AEDH : since 2004

AEDH Support : AEDH has supported several projects run by Fundepax, especially education in fundamental rights for the representatives of the indigenous communities, young people and relatives of disappeared persons.

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