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FCSPP - Corporation Foundation of Solidarity with Political Prisoners

CSPP logoLocation : Bogota and 6 regional offices (Valle, Antioquia, Tolima, Atlantico, Cundinamarca and Santander)

Creation : 1973

Local issues : Colombia has had great political violence for more than fifty years: extortion from guerrilla groups or para-military militias, state violence (arbitrary detention, extra judiciary executions, ill-treatment in detention, etc.). The dialogue between the Colombian authorities and a part of the guerrilla movements leaves hope for an improvement of the situation but for the victims of grave violations of human rights it is extremely difficult to have their situation recognised, to obtain remedy and to see the perpetrators convicted by the Colombian judiciary. The only way out is often international justice and especially the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights.

CSPP photoMissions : legal assistance of the political prisoners, constitution of a civil party for the victims of violations of human rights in the disciplinary or criminal proceedings, monitoring of the process at the national and international level, information and denunciation of the cases of violations of human rights, transmission of urgent appeals, lobbying, drafting of legal reforms proposals of the security, criminal or penitentiary policy. Its members carry out regular visits to the detention centres.

Important : FCSPP is one of the oldest Colombian NGOs in the defence of human rights.

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Partnership with AEDH : Since 1999

AEDH support : starting from 2000, through the payment of several annual grants, AEDH has supported a programme of ‘presentation of cases of violation of human rights before the international jurisdictions’. In 2015, it supported the project ‘effective mechanisms of protection of life and physical integrity of displaced members of farming communities of the Bellavista Hacienda’. In 1996, the farmers of this hacienda were victims of forced displacement following the actions of paramilitary militias. In 2015, invoking the rural reform and the law on the restitution of lands taken by the Colombian authorities, 180 families from this community decided to go back to their lands, but have been victims of police repression and evictions. On the social and legal side, FCSPP supports the return of the community to their land.


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