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SERPAJ - Service for Peace and Justice

serpajLocation : Montevideo

Creation : 1981

Local issues : From 1973 to 1985, Uruguay lived under a particularly strong civic-military dictatorship. The return to democracy did not allow real progress in the search for the truth, nor for justice concerning the acts committed during those dark times. A bill passed in 1986 prohibited prosecution against the alleged authors of grave violations of human rights during the dictatorship and the issue of impunity remains topical.

SERPAJMission : The association dedicates itself to the education of a peace culture and human rights, to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and to the fight against impunity. The SERPAJ bases its actions on the conviction that lasting peace can only result from justice and from the equal redistribution of wealth. The work carried out by the SERPAJ members is characterized at the same time by professional rigour and a strong military involvement.

Important : SERPAJ was founded in 1981, during the dictatorship and is one of the first Uruguayan NGOs of defense and promotion of human rights.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 1999.

AEDH Support : AEDH has supported a variety of projects run by SEPAJ in the field of the fight against impunity and, more recently, a project of defense of the rights of the child in conflict with the law.

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