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FEDINA (for the benefit of the local group Nava Jyothi)

FEDINALocation : Martandam

Creation : 1983

Local issues : the Indian constitution prohibits all discrimination based on caste or the religion. However, the Dalits (‘untouchables’) are still victims in several states: difficulties finding a job, forbidden to enter certain public places, low school attendance… Kanyakumari , one of the most populated districts, in Tamil Nadu, in the south of India, is especially affected by this problem – 22 % of its population is Dalits.

FedinaNavaJyothiMissions : Fedina coordinated a network of social action groups. Nava Jyothi, based in Kanyakumari, is one of its members. The association fights against the discrimination to which the Dalits are subjected and more particularly the ‘untouchable’ women. It organizes meetings and exchanges on the issue of rights, proposes legal support to women victims of violence and encourages the groups to better defend their rights.

Important : The mobilisation of Nava Jyothi produces specific results. For instance, in the Kannavilai village, with a high Dalit population, the other castes were had priority in the use of the well. Through their demands, the Dalit villagers managed to end this discriminatory practice.

More information can be access through :

Partnership with AEDH : since 2007

AEDH Support : support for an awareness and mobilisation project of Dalit women in the Kanyakumari district.

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