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ACMEJ logoCity/Location: The Ruzizi river plain in South Kivu

Creation: 2001

Local issues: The Ruzizi river plain acts as a border between the DRC and the neighbouring countries, Rwanda and Burundi. It is the scene of grave and repeated human rights violations. In this area, where few associations defending and promoting human rights violations have seen the light of day, the proliferation of armed groups is a major threat on the local population, faced with the arbitrary and with violence. As a consequence of over twenty years of conflict and disintegration of the Rule of Law, the region is a regular scene of mob justice cases and witch hunts.

ACMEJ photoMission: The association intervenes in defence of vulnerable persons and victims of fundamental rights violations. Despite its small size and modest resources, ACMEJDH carries out continuous and essential work observing, investigating and denunciating human rights violations.

AEDH Partnership: Since 2007

AEDH support: In 2008, Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme supported a project aiming to promote peaceful cohabitation between the antagonistic communities Bafuliru, Banyamulenge and Barundi. Representives of each community received training in the most important human rights principles. In 2011, ACMEJDH supported a project on the ‘monitoring of human rights violations and for legal assistance for victims of human rights violation in the territories of Uvira, Fizi, Mwenga and Walungu (South Kivu). Likewise, in 2013, it supported an action to raise awareness among the population and to protect people accused of witchcraft in the area of the middle plateaus of Uvira.

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