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Lotus Group

groupelotusLocation : Kisangani

Creation : 1992

Local issues : the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC : Congo-Kinshasa) is the scene of recurrent violence and countless violations of human rights. The multiple conflicts, especially in the east of the country, have created a climate of violence and strong instability that lasted more than 20 years. Too often exploited according to their regional or ethnic identities, the population lives in a climate of mistrust or even hostility which puts at risk the perspective of a calm and peaceful cohabitation. They are also confronted with deep inequalities and with a chronic deficit in the basic services and infrastructure.

Missions : The Lotus group carries out its activities in the whole Oriental province. On top of ensuring the daily defense of the victims, the association regularly denounces the infringements of human rights. It developed a solid experience in the field of education and awareness.

Important : The Lotus Group participated in a practical education programme for Young Defenders of Human Rights coordinated by AEDH.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 1996

AEDH Support : Support to the activities on education on human rights and peaceful resolution of conflict, particularly destined for the heads of local associations working on the defense of fundamental rights, traditional chiefs and 600 leader women actives in several fundamental organisations.

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