Nava Jyothi and the ‘Untouchables’

Elsey Jacob Nava Jyothi

Since 2007, AEDH has been supporting the Indian organisation Nava Jyothi. This small association brings a considerable support to the Dalit women (the ‘Untouchable’), by familiarizing them with their rights and talking about socio-economic issues. Elsey Jacob, the director of Nava Jyothi, explains the association’s activities, the challenges and the main outcomes.

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Focus on new work methods

LogoDEFI With the DEFI project, launched in September 2014, AEDH has now become a player in the capacity building of human rights defenders in Central Africa. New methods and tools have been created for the defenders and for their organisation’s efficiency.

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Hissène Habré trial: after the pleadings, the victims await for the verdict

photo HH

”Can you imagine that it takes 11 hours to get all the victims of Hissène Habré inside the courtroom? You would need 133 rooms like this one, for 300 prisoners: women, children, young, old men, elderly! It is not a massacre, it is a litany. Mr Hissène Habré, wriggles, but remains quiet. Hissène Habré chose a defence strategy – the total acceptance of his crimes”. That is the accusation speech of one of the lawyers for the civil parties before the Extraordinary African Cambers, on 8 February in Dakar. The day when the trial of Hissène Habré, the former Head of State of Chad tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of torture, was resumed.

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Where is the peace for Colombia?

manifestationsembrarThe Colombian president Santos had announced that a peace agreement between the FARC guerrilla and the government will be signed on 23 March 2016. The due date is today and a new deadline should be decided. The French NGOs that form the Network of France Colombia Solidarity (Réseau France Colombie Solidarité), of which AEDH is a member, have launched a campaign and a weekly press release, that will run until the given date of the signing of the agreement, and goes through each of the main points of the negotiation.

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Evaluation of the DECLIK project

Conférence finale du projet DECLIK à Goma en octobre 2015The DECLIK project supporting human rights initiatives in the two Kivu provinces in eastern DRC started in November 2012 and finished in October 2015. The project was a shared one, involving a partnership with five Congolese NGO’s – Arche d’Alliance, ASADHO Beni, PAIF, SOPROP, and UCPDHO – financed by the EU, the NED foundation, and the French Embassy in DRC.

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Fighting religious intolerance in Pakistan

Christopher Sajid

Religious minorities in Pakistan represent 5% of the country’s 180 million inhabitants. Three per cent are Christians. Christopher Sajid, President of the Pakistani organisation Human Friends Organisation (HFO) which lobbies for protection of religious minorities, describes the situation for Pakistani Christians. In May 2015, the Emergency Fund for Human Rights Defenders intervened to reinforce security measures at the HFO headquarters in Lahore.

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