Wave of repression against members of the IRA-Mauritania: unanimous protests

2016 10 IRA Mauritanie

The Mauritanian authorities have triggered a new legal offensive against the anti-slavery movement: IRA-Mauritania. On 18th August, following a mock trial without any legal basis, the Criminal Court of Nouakchott convicted thirteen IRA activists to sentences going from 3 to 15 years of prison for “rebellion, use of violence, attack against public authority, armed group and belonging to a non recognised organisation”.

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Prison Insider: the worldwide website on prisons

2016 10 PrisonInsider

We already announced it in the newsletter nº 212: Prison Insider is now officially working. An unprecedented collaborative website dedicated to the prison system, Prison Insider is a platform with information, resources and exchanges on prisons around the world. Bernard Bolze, the founder of the International Observatory of Prisons (OIP), is the brain behind this project.

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RISK : AEDH’s new project in the DRC

Dutch ministry

Since July 2016, AEDH has implemented a new project called RISK (Reinforce the Initiatives to Save the Defenders of Kivu), that aims to reinforce the protection and assistance mechanism of the human rights defenders (HRD) in danger in the East of the DRC.

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The release of Yves Makwambala and Fred Bauma

2016 10 Fred Yves RDC

Yves Makwambala and Fred Bauma, two young pro-democracy activists from the DRC have been released on Monday 23 August after a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice. Members of the Filimbi and the Lucha movement, respectively (peaceful groups of civil education), they had been arrested on 15 March 2015 in Kinshasa at a meeting on good governance in Africa.

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Cameroon: migrants deported and abandoned in the border city of Kye-Ossi

LT214 Cameroun

In the South of Cameroon, in the border with Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, the city of Kye-Ossi has become a host and transit city for migrants deported from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea or stuck in the border but determined to return to one of those two countries.

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Vietnam: no religious freedom in view

Comité Vietnam LT214
AEDH supports the Vietnam Committee for the Défense of Human Rights that has been fighting for many years for the defence of freedom of expression in Vietnam and mostly for the freedom of belief.

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