Emergency Fund – Defence of a Zimbabwean artist

2017 03 missing diamonds

Silvanos Mudvova is a Zimbabwean artist. Actor and director, he uses theatre as an instrument to promote human rights and to challenge the abuses of the regime. This is a strong commitment in this country, where President Robert Mugabe has been the ruler for 29 years.

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Retrospective – 2016: a great year in collaborations for AEDH !

2017 01 retrospective

After being compelled to reduce its activities for a few years, the organisation has had an encouraging growth of activity this year. Late November, it supported 51 local associations of human right defenders.

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The Congo: a renewed wave of arbitrary detentions

2016 12 maison d'arret de Dolisie (Congo)

Since January 2016, AEDH coordinates the MANDAT project (Mobilise and Animate Efforts in the Civil Society in the Fight Against Arbitrary Detention and Torture in the Republic of the Congo). AEDH carries out this project, supported by the European Union, alongside the Congolese Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH). The head of the project tells us about the actions of our Congolese collaborator.

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Video presentation of AEDH 2016

AEDH has a new video presentation! (subtitles available in English)
Discover it and act with us.

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Colombia: a long-lasting peace?

2016 10 paix Colombie

The final peace agreement between the Colombian government and the guerrilla of the FARC was announced on 24 August. A decisive step in the end of the conflict that had butchered Colombia for more than 50 years, although the agreement is yet to be approved by referendum. On this occasion, the France Colombia Solidarity Network (RCFS), of which AEDH is a member, has released a press release to applaud the vent but also to remind that the implementing provisions of the agreement must guarantee the implementation of real reforms and non-repetition of violence. Below are the main excerpts of the press release of the RFCS published on 25 August.

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Cameroon: Building the foundations for a democratic renewal with the students

In Cameroon, universities are stuck, they are not a space for intellectual emancipation and a higher education diploma does not guarantee employment. This nourishes the disengagement and de-politicization of students. Therefore, in the eve of the next presidential election (officially scheduled for 2018 but predicted in 2017), remobilising students has become urgent.

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