RISK : AEDH’s new project in the DRC

Dutch ministry

Since July 2016, AEDH has implemented a new project called RISK (Reinforce the Initiatives to Save the Defenders of Kivu), that aims to reinforce the protection and assistance mechanism of the human rights defenders (HRD) in danger in the East of the DRC.

This project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and is carried out along with three Congolese organisations in the North and South Kivu: Synergie Ukingo Wetu, SOS Multisectorial Legal Information and Arche d’Alliance.

The objectives have three main elements. An implementation of a system of response to alerts, a personalised assistance to endangered defenders and an offer of a cooperation framework as well as an exchange of good practices to the local collaborator organisations.

The project will last 24 months and will concern 50 HRD. The responses will be adapted according to the particular situation of each HRD: medical assistance in case of aggression or mistreatment; safety procedures in case of grave and immediate danger; maintenance aid in case of relocation; legal assistance in case of arbitrary arrests or harassment, etc. These responses will also take into account the specific situation of the dependants of the HRD in danger, particularly close family members who are often the « collateral damage » of the persecutions the HRD are subjected to.

Maud Gilibert


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