The Emergency Fund : a year in the making

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For several years, the emergency Fund for Human rights defenders of AEDH has often been requested to intervene in the provinces of Kivus (DRC). This is largely explained by the unstable security context and AEDH’s long-standing experience in that area. In order to strengthen the action of the emergency Fund in that area, AEDH has been implementing the RISK project since July 2016 (Reinforcing of the Initiatives to Rescue the defenders of Kivu) alongside 3 Congolese collaborator organisations. A year after it was launched, it is time for a first look back.

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RISK : AEDH’s new project in the DRC

Dutch ministry

Since July 2016, AEDH has implemented a new project called RISK (Reinforce the Initiatives to Save the Defenders of Kivu), that aims to reinforce the protection and assistance mechanism of the human rights defenders (HRD) in danger in the East of the DRC.

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