Statement at the Human Rights Council

Last 6 to 23rd June, was held the 35th ordinary session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. AEDH and collaborator Committee Vietnam for the defense of Human Rights (CVDHH), delivered a statement on Thursday 15th, during point 4 of the agenda on general issues.

The CVDDH has been following the evolution of discrimination against churches and the faith community in Vietnam for the past 40 years. The organisation registered a recent and considerable increase in persecutions against the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. An emblematic example, is the arbitrary denial of visiting rights of the Patriarch of the Church, Thich Quang Do, who has been detained for 35 years. Aged 89, he was put under house arrest in Ho Chi Minh Ville, despite a worrying health condition.

AEDH and the CVDDH have called for a joint intervention of the Vietnam government to free Thich Quang Do as soon as possible, and to stop persecutions against “non-official” religions in the country, as well as to accept the visit of the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations.

It is not the first time that AEDH and the CVDDH carry out a joint advocacy. During the 34th session of the Human Rights Council last 14 March, they both gave an oral statement to denounce the effect of the very first law on believes and religion in Vietnam, adopted in November 2014 and due to entry into force in 2018.

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