Assistance to defenders in danger – take action against threats

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Adeline*, Jean* and Emmanuel* are members of an association located in Kiliba, in South Kivu in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who fight to defend human rights in rural areas.

A growing number of threats hung over the heads of the three defenders in March, after their organisation denounced the abduction of 13 people by the Burundian National Forces of Liberation (Forces nationales de libération, FNL); in May, following the public hearing of the trial of a lieutenant from the DRC Armed Forces who was accused of murdering a defender in the region; and in June, shortly after denouncing local threats to civil society stakeholders in Kiliba on the local radio. On 25th June, armed men broke into the homes of the defenders, who had fortunately already left.

AEDH, through the RISK project for the protection of defenders in Kivu, intervened to ensure their safe relocation in a secure location during three months. During this time, our local partner in the RISK project tried to advocate for their return to Kiliba in the best possible conditions, and offered them advice on safety precautions to be observed.

When they returned home, Adeline, Jean and Emmanuel resumed their campaigning activities. Beyond immediate assistance in dangerous situations, the ambition of the RISK project is to support the will of defenders to remain committed to defending human rights in high-risk regions.

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