Emergency Fund : Defence of the president of Samba Mwanas


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In Gabon, in the aftermath of the re-election of the president Ali Bongo in September 2016, the armed forced attacked the HQ of the campaign of his opponent Jean Ping.

The Gabonese organization Samba Mwanas, collaborate of AEDH and working for the promotion and protection of human rights, intervened to deliver care to the young injured, tortured or having lost a relative during the raid. Around forty young people approached the association.

Therefore, the authorities identified Samba Mwanas as an organization with access to sensitive information. The president, Hortense Nname-Nguema Ondo, became a target and suffered numerous intimidations: tailing, eavesdropping and attempted kidnapping that forced her to flee Gabon.

She managed to reach France, where she currently lives with her daughter.

The Emergency Fund intervened to support Hortense Nname, by allocating her financial aid for her housing and daily expenses.

For the time being, the security situation in Gabon does not allow Hortense to go back. She continues to follow the activities of Sama Mwanas, from the distance, and organises events in France to raise awareness among the population on the political situation in Gabon.

Marie Malatrait





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