Assistance to defenders in danger – take action against threats

Proposition Logo RISK Maud G

Adeline*, Jean* and Emmanuel* are members of an association located in Kiliba, in South Kivu in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who fight to defend human rights in rural areas.

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Defense of LGBTI rights


Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko (RSM) is an organisation that works for the protection, defines and promotion of LGBTI people in the Bukavu, Kabare and Uvira in the South Kivu in the Democratic of Republic of the Congo (DRC). Identified in the context of the DEFI project, RSM has been a collaborator of AEDH since 2015.

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Emergency Fund : Defence of the president of Samba Mwanas

201703 hortensename

In Gabon, in the aftermath of the re-election of the president Ali Bongo in September 2016, the armed forced attacked the HQ of the campaign of his opponent Jean Ping.

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Protect the defenders of religious freedom in Pakistan

Human Friends Organization

HFO (Human Friends Organisation) is an association in Pakistan that defends the rights of religious minorities, particularly Christian.

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Fighting religious intolerance in Pakistan

Christopher Sajid

Religious minorities in Pakistan represent 5% of the country’s 180 million inhabitants. Three per cent are Christians. Christopher Sajid, President of the Pakistani organisation Human Friends Organisation (HFO) which lobbies for protection of religious minorities, describes the situation for Pakistani Christians. In May 2015, the Emergency Fund for Human Rights Defenders intervened to reinforce security measures at the HFO headquarters in Lahore.

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The Emergency Fund for human rights defenders marks its 15th year

2014 06 15 ans Fonds urgenceIn 1999, the AEDH administrative council decided to set up an emergency fund for human rights defenders in danger. The Emergency Fund allows the organisation to provide concrete and timely assistance to human rights defenders who have called on us for help and who have been threatened because of their commitment to human rights.

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