UNITY : new collaboration of LGBTI NGO in Cameroon


As part of the DEFI programme, AEDH has supported the activities of Cameroonian Foundation of Aids (CAMFAIDS), a Cameroonian organisation who has been a collaborator since July 2016. CAMFAIDS was founded in 2009 in Yaoundé. It carried out surveys and denunciations of discrimination of LGBTI people and offers support to the victims.

In late 2016, alongside 20 Cameroonian organisations, CAMFAIDS created the UNITY platform, and is the head of this group of LGBTI associations. The aim of the platform is to gather information of human rights violations through the country and coordinate advocacy activities of the NGOs in the project. This is the most ambitious cooperation of LGBTI NGOs in the country so far : it may only improve the strength of advocacy of human rights promoters in a country where same sex relationships are criminalised and social violence against homosexuals and transsexuals are a real scourge.

AEDH has offered technical support to the UNITY platform by providing a data collection methodology : the rigorous gathering of data will establish the legitimacy of the platform through the strengthening of expertise, the elaboration of solid documents of awareness and advocacy and the comprehensive follow up of the victims.

AEDH has also participated in the elaboration of UNITY’s advocacy strategy by offering advice on the definition of its objectives and the drafting of documents for international institutions. A report on the situation of LGBTI people in Cameroon, focused mostly in the violation of human rights and the limits of the Cameroonian legal system, has just been addressed to the independent expert on the rights of LGBTI communities of the Human Rights Council (HRC) ; another document is being drafted and will be addressed during the Universal Periodic Review of Cameroon before the HRC in September.

These collaborative efforts will allow the members of the UNITY platform to offer a statistical analysis and a description of the cases of homophobia in the country and more strongly call out the Cameroonian authorities and the international communities on the need of decriminalising and implementing public policies favourable towards the respect of LGBTI people.

*Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Intersexual.

Bastien Debiève




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