Assistance to defenders in danger – take action against threats

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Adeline*, Jean* and Emmanuel* are members of an association located in Kiliba, in South Kivu in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who fight to defend human rights in rural areas.

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Taking action in Colombia

 Colombie Sembrar

The Agreement between the Colombian government, the guerrilla from the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the bilateral cessation of hostilities signed in September with the National Liberation Army (ELN) enable prospects for peace in Colombia, after decades of bloody conflict.

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Claiming rights for LGBTI people

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Proud Lebanon is a non-profit, non-denominational, non-political and non-partisan organization with the goal of fostering a long term socio-economic development in Lebanon. This organization protects, supports and claims rights for marginalized groups as community service activities. Amongst the most marginalized groups in Lebanon are the LGBTI community and the refugees (including Syrians, Palestinians and Iraqi people). Since 2015, the organization is supported by AEDH.

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Réseau France Colombie, an association fighting for fundamental freedoms


Soraya is the Secretary-General of the Colombian association FCSPP (Foundation Committee in Solidarity with Political Prisoners), founded in 1973 and one of the oldest association in the country. Its actions mainly focus on defending Human Rights through legal support, assisting victims and their families as well as supporting people in detention. The headquarters of this association is located at the National Commission of Security Guarantees ( Former member of Sembrar, partner organisation of AEDH, Soraya warns us on the current insecure environment surrounding Human Rights defenders in Colombia and more generally the very unpredictable peace process.

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Religion, Business & Human Rights : developing an understanding of the religious phenomenon

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On September 6, the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights — a long-standing partner of the AEDH — organised a conference on “Religion, Business & Human Rights,” at the European Parliament. This conference was met with substantial interest.

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Defense of LGBTI rights


Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko (RSM) is an organisation that works for the protection, defines and promotion of LGBTI people in the Bukavu, Kabare and Uvira in the South Kivu in the Democratic of Republic of the Congo (DRC). Identified in the context of the DEFI project, RSM has been a collaborator of AEDH since 2015.

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