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ALTO African Children

AltoLocation : Pointe Noire

Creation : 2002

Local issues : The Republic of the Congo is considered as a country of origin but also a destination for children victims of human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour or sexual exploitation. The two main destination cities are Brazzaville (which receives a large number of victims from the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Pointe Noire (which received children victims mainly from West Africa and more particularly from Benin). These children are enslaved and exploited as domestic labour, as street vendors, or employed in fishing activities and in certain cases delivered to prostitution rings. Many are subjected to inhumane treatment. All of them without school enrolment and free time.

ALTOMissions : ALTO identifies Beninese children victims of human trafficking and exploitation in the Congo, puts them in the care of a host family, looks after them if necessary, organizes their repatriation to their country of origin ensuring the necessary guarantees, and facilitates their reintegration in the Congo. With very little means, the association remains very dynamic and determined in a very difficult situation.

Important : ALTO is a small organization created by Beninese individuals living in Brazzaville, in the Congo. The quality of its work is recognized by the offices of UNICEF in the Republic of the Congo. Its actions are not without risk and the president of ALTO has been threatened several time by individuals involved in the trafficking of children.

Partnership with AEDH : since 2008

AEDH Support : AEDH supports the general activity of the association and the repatriation costs of certain children. AEDH also accompanies ALTO in the reinforcement of its member’s competences.  

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