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ALCR - Association for the Fight Against Ritual Murder

ALCRLocation : Libreville

Creation : 2005

Local issues : Ritual murder – assassinations where the body is found mutilated – are committed in order for a company to be successful, for the promotion of political life or any other major high public role. The assassin and the backer are rarely detained. Several constraints obstruct the legal action: threats and pressure against the families, corruption of state agents, high cost of the procedures or autopsies…

ALCRMissions : ALCR carries out an inventory and awareness work (press conferences, press releases, protests, etc) and has manageds to bring the fight against ritual murder into the public debate. Since the association has not got the means to cover the whole country, it carried out an inventory in just one part of Gabon which led to an estimaetion of the number of ritual murders of around 50 per year. According to UNICEF, in 70% of the cases, the victims of these crimes are children.

Important : ALCR was created by Jean-Elvis Ebang Ondo and Aboubakar Ibrahim, two fathers whose young sons had been found assassinated and mutilated. Even if its action is limited by its lack of means, the association is very active and distinguishes itself by the force of its commitment and the capacity it has to carry out awareness and advocacy actions. ALCR regularly broadcasts information on its activities, on crimes listed, autopsies and the complaints submitted, etc.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 2012

AEDH support : AEDH supports the functioning of the association, including the financing for the organization of a training seminar of ALCR members on domestic law and international law in the context of its actions, as well as its the inquiry methods and the drafting of reports.

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