The League of Rights and Liberties (LDL)

LDL photoMissions: LDL’s statutory mission is to enhance the knowledge of the essential principles of freedom and democracy, and to fight against human rights violations in Cameroun as well as to encourage citizens to take legal action in case of a violation of their rights.

Important: LDL has a legal clinic in Bafoussam and works with two lawyers who agree to accompany the complainants at minimal cost. In 2014, the legal clinic dealt with 37 claims, 13 of which ended up in a legal action.

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Partnership with AEDH: since 2015.

AEDH Support: In the context of the DEFI project, AEDH supports the general functioning of the association and finances the simplification of judicial matters of incarcerated individuals in three prisons in the Western region of Cameroun in order to reduce the prison overpopulation and to promote an equal justice for all.


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