The Voice of the Forgotten (LVO)

VDO photoMissions: LVO’s objectives are to promote the rights of the detainees, to ensure the compulsory release of the detainees whose detention period has expired, to defend defendants sent before the criminal court without benefiting legal assistance.

Important: The association carries out periodic visits to Gabonese prisons where it takes a census of the defendants, it endeavours to obtain the compulsory release for defendants having done their pre-trial detention time and undertakes the necessary paperwork to ensure the progression of the judicial procedure.

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Partnership with AEDH: since 2015.

AEDH Support: In the context of the DEFI project, AEDH supports financially the census of the pre-trial detainees in six Gabonese prisons, their awareness of their legal assistance rights as well as the defence for their release or the planning of their case before the jurisdictions.

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