FDAPID photoMissions: FDAPID’s objectives is to defend, protect and promote the sociocultural and economic rights and interests of pygmies and underprivileged indigenous people as well as to contribute to the improvement of their living conditions. FDAPIP intervenes in the Masisi, Walikale, Nyiragongo and Rutshuru territories, in the Nord-Kivu province, and in Kasese, in the Maniema province. The association has branches in these five territories.

Important: FDADIP always stood for the participation of indigenous people in the projects. Currently, the association has pygmies among its founding members. They participate actively in the activities and constitute the large majority of members in the branches.

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Partnership with AEDH: since 2015

AEDH Support: In the context of the DEFI project, AEDH supports the general functioning of the association and has, particularly, financed the constitution of a team of paralegals to monitor the situation of the rights of the indigenous population and to give them legal and judicial assistance. The association has also benefited from sub-grants in the context of the DECLIK project.


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