DEFI project

Reinforce the role of Civil Society in Central Africa

The five countries concerned by the project are run by monolithic regimes with little true democracy where impunity and the violence of the police and army are everywhere, justice scarcely exists, freedom of the press and freedom to express an opinion are attacked, and the most vulnerable elements of the population are subjected to a large amount of discrimination.

The human rights NGOs play an essential role in combatting and denouncing violations of human rights, and looking after the victims.

Provide structural support to the NGOs on the ground

The aspect that makes the DEFI project different is its systematic reinforcement of the NGOs’ capacities. The project aims to consolidate thirty small and growing NGOs by helping them with aspects of their work such as:

  • Administrative and financial management,
  • Preparing and managing projects,
  • Seeking funds,
  • Advocacy techniques,
  • Governance,
  • Protection,
  • Security.

Accompanying the NGOs relies on three principal approaches :

  • Making available simplified management tools and learning to use them,
  • Training the members of each association,
  • Exchange visits between the NGOs that receive grants so that they can learn best practice from each other.

Since the beginning of the project, AEDH has already supported :

The DEFI project is supported by :

  • the French Agency for Development (AFD)


  • la Fondation de France

Fondation de france

  • the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

National endowment for democracy

  • the Rhône-Alpes Region

Rhone Alpes

  • Secours Populaire Rhône branch

Secours populaire

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